torsdag den 29. juli 2010

Cheesy but needed...

A little too not over you - David Archuleta

It never crossed my mind at all
It's what I tell myself
What we had has come and gone
You're better off with someone else
It's for the best, I know it is

But I see you
Sometimes I try to hide
What I feel inside
And I turn around
You're with him now
I just can't figure it out

Tell me why you're so hard to forget
Don't remind me, I'm not over it
Tell me why I can't seem to face the truth
I'm just a little too not over you

Memories, supposed to fade
What's wrong with my heart?
Shake it off, let it go
Didn't think it'd be this hard
Should be strong, movin' on

Maybe I regret everything I said,
No way to take it all back
Now I'm on my own
How I let you go, I'll never understand
I'll never understand

I know, I know... Men jeg synes virkelig, at David synger fantastisk, selvom det er virkelig pop og alt det der. Alligevel, han er simpelthen en usædvanlig person med en usædvanlig stemme. Så ja... Derfor :) Og sangen siger mig noget (O_o)

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